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This week’s free download is Hintergebirge, a sock knitting pattern.

Hintergebirge Alpine sock knitting pattern by Julia Riede


You can download the free shawl knitting pattern using the form below as usual.

[convertkit form=4849814]

What Are Julia’s Friday Freebies And How Does It Work?

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After the specific week ends, the download of the week is no longer available and is replaced by another one. Patterns and resources might appear as Friday Freebies again – or they won’t so make sure you don’t miss them!

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How To Choose Yarn For Your Next Lace Knitting Project

Choosing Yarn for Lace Knitting

Successful Lace Knitting opened it’s doors this Monday (signups are still open until next week, by the way!) and I’m working through the course together with my students. This week’s topic is yarn selection: How do you choose the right yarn for your next lace knitting project?

Choosing Yarn for Lace Knitting

As so often the answer is “it depends”, but let me provide some insights on which yarns to choose (or not) and why.

Choosing Yarn For Lace Knitting


These are the yarns I’m considering for my next project. The yarns in the first pictures I HAVE to work with (feeling lucky about it!) for the Plant Anatomy project. (Still five shawls to go. Yarn by Yarn Indulgences.)

The ones on the next picture (#2) are my non-Plant-Anatomy favorites so far.

Choosing Yarn For Lace Knitting


Busy Colorways

I’d not use the yarn shown below for complex lace stitch patterns.

It’s colors are too busy, too variegated, and would not show lace stitch patterns very well. The colors would mask the stitch pattern, especially if it’s a complex one.

Choosing Yarn For Lace Knitting


And finally, the lovely yarns shown below will never be used when knitting a lace shawl for a pattern to be published.

Choosing Yarn For Lace Knitting


It’s beautiful yarn, even more beautiful in real life. But that’s exactly the problem: it’s very hard to photograph dark yarn colors and the items made with them. If you’re designing, you need good, well-lit pictures for your patterns. That’s very difficult to achieve with colors as dark as these and much easier with lighter ones.


What’s your favorite yarn for lace knitting? Let me know by leaving a comment below!



Hello, Summer Holiday Knitting!

Summer Holiday Knitting - What Are You Up To This Summer?

Summer holiday knitting is at the doorstep! The last weeks have been tremendously busy for me. (I wish I could say that’s something extraordinary but in fact it’s not. That’s me.)

I was busy producing my new lace knitting online course, preparing a second iteration of Successful Shawl Design and took exams in histology, chemistry, sociology and psychology.

And even more news: this blog is going to move to a brand new domain: (yes, I really could secure this domain name – wowza!).

But let’s start at the beginning.

Upcoming Online Courses

Besides finishing my summer term exams I finalized the upcoming new flagship course Successful Lace Knitting and was planning the second iteration of my Successful Shawl Design online course.

The mini course on lace knitting is still open for you to sign up – I decided to make it available just a little longer, signups will close later this week – and in case you still want to join you can sign up here.

Successful Shawl Design opened in November last year and received tremendous positive feedback. Some of my former students have started to publish and sell patterns already! I’m so proud of how all this turned out so positively for everybody.

This year, I will host a second iteration of this famous course. Signups will open soon and be announced here and via the mailing list, so watch your inbox for news on this subject!

Med School & Summer Holiday Knitting

University is over and won’t start again until October, so I’m going to have LOTS of free time available for knitting in the next weeks. Currently, I’m in the middle of knitting the fifth design for the Plant Anatomy project.

And even more exciting news are in the queue: This blog,, will move to its new domain over the next weeks. I’ll tell you more about my motivation and the transition timeline in a separate post coming later this week. All content available here – the tutorials, series, and my knitting patterns – will be available on the new site, too.

What Are You Up To This Summer?

Are you busy knitting or just relaxing in the sun? Let me know what’s up in YOUR summer holiday by leaving a comment below!

Free Lace Knitting Online Course Starting Soon

Lace Knitting Free Online Training

In late June, I published my latest book The Complete Guide to Lace Knitting. During the launch I asked you, my readers, whether you’d prefer to read a book or take an online course on the subject.

The results were very clear: more than 60% of you prefer an online course over reading a book.

Looking at this outcome I decided to actually do it and create an online course: Successful Lace Knitting. (Thanks for all of you who suggested course titles, by the way!)

Registration for this course will open later this month, but if you’re curious and want to get started with lace knitting taking a free training I have exciting news for you: I’m hosting a free online training starting this Sunday!

You can reserve your seat in this free mini course here.

See you in the course, and happy knitting to all of you! – Julia